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    The Star's development began with a custom helmet developed for racer Eddie Lawson. The shape was considered by Eddie to be almost perfectly stable while racing.

    The shape—based on the Feuling open-cockpit auto racing design—is a truncated tear drop with a 7 degree taper from the equator of the helmet to the back. For speeds in excess of 130 mph, an additional strip was added to the wing. The strip created additional down force to improve the stability of the STAR at speeds in excess of 130 miles per hour. The ‘Track Strip™' will come as an add-on with every STAR.

    The result was a helmet which was extremely stable at high speed both head-on and during a head check, and ventilates like no other.


    Engineered from the ground up over a period of three years, the Star is simply the best Bell ever. And that's saying a lot considering Bell invented the motorcycle helmet.

    The feature-packed Star is equipped with Bell's exclusive Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system with FlowAdjust™, a revolutionary airflow management system that literally creates a natural flow engine that pulls air through the helmet, and keeps the rider's head cool and dry.

The Star's super stable aerodynamic signature was derived from open-cockpit auto racing designs that enhance stability and resist lift. The truncated shape keeps the Star calm at speed, while the sculpted chin contours give the helmet a smooth, linear feel when doing head checks. For track days, the Star comes with the Track Strip™, an add-on wicker that further improves stability at speeds in excess of 130 mph.     The Star's 3Mode Shield™ with ClickRelease™ is simply the easiest shield to use and change.

    On the road, it works in conjunction with a special multi-stage chin vent that sends air up the inside of the NutraFog II coated shield to virtually eliminate fogging.

    The helmet's auto racing-inspired shape is crafted out of Bell's super lightweight Kevlar®/carbon fiber/fiberglass TriMatrix™ Composite and is sculpted into a wind tunnel-proven, super stable, lift-free design.

    Round it out with Contour Cut Cheekpads for superior fit and comfort, a removable and washable, antibacterial/antimicrobial interior comfort liner, a plush helmet bag, not to mention a five-year warranty, and you have a helmet that's more than worthy of its heavenly moniker.


    A new standard for ventilation – Bell engineered our proprietary Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system into the STAR.

    Using advanced flow dynamics modeling, wind tunnel testing and rider trials, Bell engineers determined the optimal position for the Flow Separator™ ridge which harnesses the high-velocity airflow over the top of the helmet and creates a natural airflow engine that literally pulls air through the internal venting system, keeping the rider cool and dry.

    For cooler weather conditions the VFV’s FlowAdjust allows the rider to dial in just the right amount of airflow to stay comfortable by opening or closing a series of ventilation intake ports. FlowAdjust is regulated primarily by the two crown vents and the four-intake brow port. An additional two-stage chin vent can be actuated to further refine the ventilation flow. The upper port of the chin vent directs air to the shield to help prevent fogging, while the lower port circulates air to the chinbar and cheekpads. The vent is operated by a single slider that can open the top vent only, or both vents simultaneously.

    Combined with FlowAdjust™, the STAR offers the rider unmatched ventilation and temperature control with minimal noise.


    Bell's 3Mode Shield allows for one-finger toggling between Lock Mode, Friction Mode and Crack Mode. Lock Mode is the shield's firmest and quietest setting. It locks down the shield, pulls it tightly to the gasket, and creates a water-tight seal. The Friction Mode allows the shield to be freely adjusted from fully closed to fully open and anywhere in between. Crack Mode disengages the shield from the gasket and lifts it about ¼" to help prevent fogging, a particularly useful setting at stop lights. A quick touch of the 3Mode Lever brings the shield back into Lock Mode.

    ClickRelease™ was designed for the quickest, easiest shield swaps ever. To remove, simply fully open the shield and depress the ClickRelease™ Triggers. For installation, just align shield pivots in the fully open position and push until they click into place. Done.

    NutraFog II superior anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield.

    Star shields feature Bell's exclusive NutraFog II anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected coating. Aftermarket Star shields are available in seven tints: Silver Iridium, Gold Iridium, Blue Iridium, Dark Smoke and Light Smoke.
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